A crusader for upliftment of poor, an advocate of women and child rights, a philanthropist, a politician and a successful businessman ...that's Saravana for you.

A man of myriad talents, Saravana stands out for his sense of commitment, responsibility, dedication, honesty, integrity and sheer passion in all his undertakings.

His penchant for leadership became evident during his young days. In 2001, he stood for elections in Halasuru ward and won the seat with huge difference by defeating Mr.Shiva Shankar DMK veteran, who was a corporator of the ward for 29 years. He has the privileges to work as Chairman of work committee B.B.M.P. In 2010, he got his Driver,elected as Corporator of Halasuru due to Reservation. Halasuru ward is now represented by his wife Mamatha Saravana (since 2016).

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City Development and Beautification of Halasur

  • Prominent attraction of the ward, Halasuru Lake was developed in 360 degree perspective with Jogging track and created user friendly environment. Separate Kalyani tank was formed within lake for Lord Ganesha immersion.

  • Road development and rectification : Pot holes on the roads were fixed, and new tar / concrete roads were laid for all the streets. Under developed areas of M.V.garden that were not accessible through machines were tarred successfully.

  • Street lights : Each and every street was checked for lighting, and the Street light of metal alloy was replaced with the white lamps.6 High mast lamps were installed at strategic locations for appropriate lighting.

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